Born 1983 in Lienz/Austria; parents Lydia & Reinhold Frick; siblings Markus Tscharnig, Manfred and Theresa Frick


1989-1993 primary school, Dölsach; 1993-2001 grammar school BG Lienz; 5/2001 participant European Commission project “Connect. European Young Active Citizenship”, Brussels; 6/2001 general qualification for university entrance, BG Lienz; 2001-2008 study of law, University of Innsbruck (no degree); 2001-2005 bachelor program in philosophy, University of Innsbruck (Bakk. phil.); 2005-2006 master program in philosophy, University of Innsbruck (Mag. phil.); 2006-2009 doctoral program in philosophy, University of Innsbruck (Dr. phil.); 2016 habilitation in philosophy, University of Innsbruck (Priv.-Doz.)


2016- associate professor, department of philosophy, University of Innsbruck; 2011-2016 assistant professor (tenure track post-doc position), department of philosophy, University of Innsbruck; 2006-2010 university assistant (prae-doc position), department of philosophy, University of Innsbruck; 2009- various external teaching assignments; 2001-2011 freelancer/correspondent “Kleine Zeitung”

Memberships & Functions

2007-2020 co-organizer Philosophical Café Innsbruck; 2010- member research platform Cultural Encounters – Cultural Conflicts (formerly: Politics-Religion-Arts) University of Innsbruck; 2012- member Board for Ethical Issues, University of Innsbruck (previously alternate member); 2012-2019 member Equal Treatment Committee (2019- alternate member); 2012-2017&2024- deputy head of the department of philosophy, University of Innsbruck; 2013- member of the Austrian Society for Philosophy; 2013-2017 member DFG network Dynamics of Intercultural Encounters; 2014-2016 member advisory board Erwägen – Wissen – Ethik; 2014 member of the delegation of the Republic of Austria to the Bali Democracy Forum; 2015- periodic member of delegations of the Republic of Austria at intercultural and interreligious dialogues (2015 and 2022 with Indonesia, 2015 and 2017 with Iran, 2016 with China, 2022 and 2023 with Morocco); 2016-2017 member of the core team for establishing a Mission Statement for the University of Innsbruck; 2017- member Harvard Club of Austria; 2019-2022 alternate member of the Senate, University of Innsbruck; 2020-2022 scientific head of the working group creating a curriculum for the teaching subject Ethics, University of Innsbruck; 2020-2024 (founding) member Network Academic Freedom; 2021- authorized representative for the teacher training programme Ethics; 2022- member advisory council of the Austrian Chapter of the International Society of Public Law; 2022- member of the expert committee for the evaluation of teaching materials (philosophy/ethics) for the Austrian Ministry of Education; 2022&2023 member of the jury of the NDR non-fiction book award; 2023-2026 member steering committee European Society for Analytic Philosophy; periodic reviewer for international journals, publishers and national research funding agencies in Europe; not affiliated with any religious denomination or political party.

Scientific Events

Awards & Sponsorships

2006 scholarship student “Forum Alpbach”; 2010-2012 research grant “International law and Islamic law” (together with Andreas Th. Müller), promotion of young scholars by the University of Innsbruck; 2010 award of the research platform Politics-Religion-Arts for excellent doctoral theses (category: laudatory mention), University of Innsbruck; invitation to the WPF “Dialogue of Civilizations” Rhodes Forum 2013; GAP prize question 2015; visiting fellowship Human Rights Program, Harvard Law School 2016/17; scientific research award of the City of Innsbruck 2017; shortlist “Tractatus” prize 2021

Research/Information Visits

2007 Malaysia & Singapore (seminar religion and violence); 2008 International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Special Court for Sierra Leone / The Hague (seminar international criminal law); 2011 Turkey (seminar religion and society); 5+6/2013 Irish Centre for Human Rights NUI Galway; 1+2/2014 Mauritius; 2014 Malaysia & Indonesia; 2014 European Court of Human Rights, Council of Europe / Strasbourg (field trip by the department of European and public international law); 9-12/2016 Harvard University, Cambridge MA (see above); 9/2017 Iran; 2-5/2018 Harvard University/Cambridge MA (unaffiliated); 9+10/2019 Harvard University/Cambridge MA (unaffiliated); 6/2022 Morocco; 9+10/2023 Harvard University/Cambridge MA (unaffiliated)

Interests other than Philosophy

Traveling (Europe, Indian Ocean, South/-East Asia, Caribbean, Middle East, North America, North Africa), hiking, snowboarding, music, literature & arts, cooking