University of Innsbruck

Summer term 2019:

Seminar Introduction into Ethics
Seminar for PhD Candidates
Seminar Social and Political Philosophy II: Human Rights
Lecture Applied Ethics

In assistance to Univ. Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans Köchler: Seminar "Ethical Questions regarding Drug Policy" winter term 2007/08; Seminar "Secularization or Return of Religion?" summer term 2008; Seminar "Philosophy of Money" summer term 2009; Seminar "Political Anthropology" winter term 2009/10; Seminar "The Deep State" winter term 2010/11; Seminar and Excursion "Religion and Society" summer term 2011

University of Applied Sciences in Health Studies, FHG Tirol

Lecture "Theoretical Foundations of Scientific Research" winter term 2009/10, summer term 2011, winter term 2011/12
Lecture "Research Methods" winter term 2009/10, summer term 2010, summer term 2012, winter term 2012/13

Training courses for prospective ethics teachers, PHT
Lecture "Philosophy of Law" winter term 2013/14