Born 1983 in Lienz/Austria; parents Lydia & Reinhold Frick; siblings Markus Tscharnig, Manfred and Theresa Frick


1989-1993 primary school VS Dölsach; 1993-2001 grammar school BG Lienz; 5/2001 participant European Commission project "Connect. European Young Active Citizenship" in Brussels; 6/2001 general qualification for university entrance BG Lienz; 2001-2008 studies in law at the University of Innsbruck; 2001-2005 bachelor studies in philosophy at the University of Innsbruck (Bakk. phil.); 2005-2006 master studies in philosophy at the University of Innsbruck (Mag. phil./pass with distinction); 2006-2009 doctoral studies in philosophy at the University of Innsbruck (Dr. phil.); 2016 Habilitation (Priv.-Doz.)


2016- associate professor, department of philosophy, University of Innsbruck; 2011-2016 assistant professor, department of philosophy, University of Innsbruck; 2013 lecturer at the training course for prospective ethics teachers, PHT; 2009-2013 lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Health Studies (FHG Tirol); 2006-2010 university assistant, department of philosophy, University of Innsbruck; 2001-2011 freelancer/correspondent "Kleine Zeitung"

Memberships & Functions

2007- co-organizer Philosophical Café Innsbruck; 2010- member research platform Cultural Encounters - Cultural Conflicts (formerly: Politics-Religion-Arts) University of Innsbruck; 2012- member Board for Ethical Issues, University of Innsbruck (previously alternate member); 2012- member Equal Treatment Committee; 2012-2017 deputy head of the department of philosophy, University of Innsbruck; 2013- member of the Austrian Society for Philosophy; 2013-2017 member DFG network Dynamics of Intercultural Encounters; 2014-2016 member advisory board Erwägen - Wissen - Ethik; member of the delegation of the Republic of Austria to the Bali Democracy Forum 2014; member of the delegation of the Republic of Austria at the 6th Austrian-Iranian Religious Dialogue 2015; member of the delegation of the Republic of Austria at the 5th Austrian-Indonesian Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue 2015; member of the delegation of the Republic of Austria at the 1st Austrian-Chinese Religious Dialogue 2016; 2016-2017 member of the core team for establishing a mission statement for the University of Innsbruck; member of the delegation of the Republic of Austria at the 7th Austrian-Iranian Religious Dialogue 2017; periodic reviewer for leading journals and research funds

Scientific Events 

42nd International Wittgenstein Symposium 2019 (together with Anne Siegetsleitner, Andreas Oberprantacher & Ulrich Metschl)

Tell me Europe, how do you feel about religion?, University of Innsbruck 2018 (together with Michaela Neulinger) [report]
Prozesse und Perspektivität des (Nicht-)Verstehens im Kulturkontakt, Kiel University 2015 (together with Maike Schmidt and Fabian Fechner)
Symposium in Honor of Hans Köchler 2014 (together with Andreas Oberprantacher) [report]
Guest Lecture Prof. Mashood A. Baderin & Book Presentation 2013 (together with Andreas Th. Müller)
International Conference "Islam and International Law" 2012 (together with Andreas Th. Müller) [conference report GAIR-Mitteilungen 2013]
Universitätsdialog: Prekäre Beschäftigungsverhältnisse? 2010 (together with Andreas Oberprantacher, Andreas Oberhofer & Christina Antenhofer)
Lectures and Book Presentations in Honor of Hans Köchler 2009 (together with Andreas Oberprantacher)

Awards & Sponsorships
2006 scholarship student "Forum Alpbach"; 2010-2012 research grant "International law and Islamic law" (together with Andreas Th. Müller), promotion of young scholars by the University of Innsbruck; 2010 award of the research platform Politics-Religion-Arts for excellent doctoral theses (category: laudatory mention), University of Innsbruck; invitation to the WPF "Dialogue of Civilizations" Rhodes Forum 2013; GAP prize question 2015; visiting fellowship Harvard Law School, Human Rights Program 2016/17; scientific research award of the City of Innsbruck 2017

Research/Information Visits
2007 Malaysia & Singapore (seminar religion and violence); 2008 International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Special Court for Sierra Leone / The Hague (seminar international criminal law); 2011 Turkey (seminar religion and society); 5+6/2013 Irish Centre for Human Rights NUI Galway; 1+2/2014 Mauritius; 2014 Malaysia & Indonesia; 2014 European Court of Human Rights, Council of Europe / Strasbourg (field trip by the department of European and public international law); 9-12/2016 Harvard University, Cambridge MA (see above); 9/2017 Iran; 2-5/2018 Harvard University/Cambridge MA (unaffiliated)

Interests other than Philosophy

Traveling (Europe, Indian Ocean, South-East Asia, Caribbean, Middle East, North America), hiking, snowboarding, music, literature & arts